Stächa Scholars



The Stächa Scholars Prom Dress Scholarship program is for young Black and Brown women graduating from High School.  The initiative is for those stellar students who exemplify the beliefs of the Stächa Huis brand: to stay true to oneself, empower oneself and in turn others.  The scholarship will provide a gown for prom to the student that shows they have gone above and beyond in their academic life, personal life, and community.

Inaugural Student Recipients 

Participating School: KIPP DC: College Preparatory

1st Place: Victoria Brooks, Winner of Prom Dress

2nd Place: Ndidi Mason, Winner Monetary Prize


“When you think about prom, what do you imagine? I think about one long night, where you feel the most special. I believed that it was only for the "cool" people with superficial views and those who can afford it; therefore, it would not matter if I attended or not - a regular, shy girl from Washington, D.C. One evening, my teacher announced that an essay submission about why you deserve a free prom dress could help one lucky girl, in our highschool, win a custom made dress. At first, I was not going to even try because I did not have confidence in myself. Once I won the contest, the news was so overwhelming that I was in shock. After I came to realization that I, an insecure girl, won I teared up. Being able to recieve such a blessing, really boosted my confidence. The experience helped me realize that everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel special everyday. That night was a milestone. Plot twist - I ended up winning prom queen!” -  Victoria G. Brooks