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Sincerly, Stächa: An Ode to NYC

Sincerely, Stächa: An Ode to NYC Part I: Eight point five Souls in the city that never sleeps, tell me you're playing for keeps....Saccharine coated dreams, floating in a fantasy, all it takes is one glance from you and I'm in a daze.....Like the Streetlights you beckon me home, a beam of elation twenty four hours deep, every part of me screaming to take the leap.....Shadows of you stretch and tear me to pieces, a strange peace falling over a silent moon, our souls sit still in a timeless tune.....Part IISensational muse, whisper to me, the secrets you hold beneath, a golden, darkened soliloquy....So intoxicating, wrap me in your endless embrace, pigmented expressions of passion, each one begets a rousing...

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